Convenient and cost-effective, packed in 100% pure, premium juice

With large clam pieces and vibrant coloring, Chopped Wild Ocean Quahogs are the perfect chowder clam, while also ideal for soups, pastas, dips, fritters and so much more.

Chopped Wild Ocean Quahogs

High Brix Concentration

For more flavorful clam juice.


Reliable 18 oz net weight.

Distinct appearance

Large pieces and vibrant colouring are ideal as the classic chowder clam.

Quality Assurance

Food safety and quality control are ensured through internationally recognized certifications.

Consistent, year-round supply

Availability you can count on from Clearwater.

Wild-caught and sustainably harvested from the Sable Island Bank in the North Atlantic, Clearwater’s Ocean Quahog Clams are blanched and individually-quick-frozen (IQF) on board our vessels within an hour of harvesting. Once at our processing plant, they are shell detected and rigorously tested, prior to being shipped to our canning facility in the US. Once at the cannery, clams are thawed, inspected, chopped, cleaned, cooked and retorted. Producing a high-quality and flavorful canned clam product, second to none in the industry.




Along with exceptional flavor and quality, wild seafood is also recognized as a healthy choice.

Per 100g Serving
Calories/Energy 80 kcal
Fat 1g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 35mg
Sodium 390mg
Carbohydrate 3g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 15g
United States
51 oz Can

12 cans/case, 56 cases/pallet


The best before date can be found on the bottom of the can. The first four numbers represent the Julian calendar day they were produced plus the year.

For example, if the number is 0449 as shown in the photo, it means that the clams were produced on the 44th day of 2019. The first three digits represent the day and the last digit represents the year.

Here’s a link you can use to calculate the date:

We recommend consuming the clams within two years of the production date.

Clearwater’s Chopped Wild Ocean Quahogs are the classic chowder clam. Uniquely packed in their own juices for optimal freshness and flavor, clam juice can be used in soups or chowders, or reserved for use as a flavorful stock in other recipes. Use canned and chopped ocean quahogs in a variety of culinary applications, including chowders, soups, pastas, dips, fritters and so much more.

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