Healthy Oceans

Healthy lifestyles, smarter choices and environmental awareness are changing the way people think and make decisions. Ensuring that oceans remain healthy, sustainable and flourishing is a top priority for Clearwater. Our approach is to know and understand our harvest areas and their ecosystems; treat them with respect and manage the impact of our operations. Our focus goes beyond the shellfish we harvest to broader ecosystem-based fisheries management that considers non-target species and overall habitat.

Clearwater’s approach to harvesting premium, wild seafood includes:

  • Responsible fishery management and practices.
  • Investment in scientific data gathering and marine ecosystem research.
  • Continuous improvement and development of technology.

While operating in the ocean environment, Clearwater vessels sometimes encounter waste, plastic or otherwise. When our crew members are able, they bring encountered debris on board and stow it for the remainder of the fishing trip. It can then be brought to shore and disposed of responsibly.

The future of healthy, sustainable oceans lies in understanding that any single species is only as healthy as the environment in which it lives.

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