Processing Facilities

Clearwater species are processed in our 12 facilities around the world. Food safety and quality assurance programs, including HACCP, QMP and BRCGS ensure consistency and the highest standards. Full traceability exists through the supply chain for this product.

Clearwater operates six processing facilities across Atlantic Canada – four in Nova Scotia and two in Newfoundland and Labrador. These six facilities receive and ship a variety of Clearwater’s core species, including scallops, lobster, clams, shrimp, sea cucumber and snow crab.


Arichat, Nova Scotia

Arichat is home to Clearwater’s patented Dryland Storage facility which allows us to hold and ship healthy, live lobster to customers year-round. The storage system mimics the lobster’s natural overwintering environment and maintains their health and superior quality.

Four million pounds of live, premium lobster pass through Arichat to customers in North America, Europe and Asia annually.

Highland Fisheries, Nova Scotia

Highland Fisheries is located in Glace Bay, on Cape Breton Island. The town began its long history of mining in the 1700s when it was inhabited to supply Fortress Louisbourg with coal. Glace Bay is also home to the national historic site honoring Guglielmo Marconi – the father of radio transmissions and the first cross Atlantic wireless message sent in 1901.

Highland Fisheries is a major employer in the area with 95 staff processing over 4 million pounds of snow crab annually.

Bedford, Nova Scotia

Our facility in Bedford services global lobster customers as well as providing distribution for lobster and other products shipped to eCommerce shoppers across much of mainland North America.

Pierce Fisheries, Nova Scotia

Pierce Fisheries Ltd. is a Clearwater Seafoods processing facility located in Lockeport, Nova Scotia. Lockeport is naturally the perfect location for Pierce, situated along the Southern Shore in the Ragged Islands, an area famous for an abundance of seafood.

In 1986, Pierce was acquired by Clearwater to handle and package Frozen-at-Sea (FAS) scallops and Nova Scotia Prime Lobster. As an innovation leader, Pierce transitioned scallop processing from traditional block freezing to an advanced individually quick freezing (IQF) method. In 2012, in an effort to meet the growing demand for convenient and healthy meal solutions among Clearwater’s foodservice and retail partners, Pierce underwent an expansion to include state-of-the-art processing capabilities for value-added products. Pierce is a BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance Global Standards) certified facility, a leading food safety and quality assurance program that ensures consistency and the highest standards.

Today, Pierce has 300 employees processing approximately 13 million pounds of Canadian sea scallops and lobster annually.

Grand Bank, Newfoundland

Situated on Newfoundland’s rugged east coast, on the north shore of the Burin Peninsula, Grand Bank was settled by French fishermen in 1640 and has been a merchant fishing and schooner town since the early 1920s.

Grand Bank Seafoods joined Clearwater in 1991 and employs approximately 125 workers. They process over 175,000 pounds of Masago and 4.6 million pounds of Arctic Surf Clams (Hokkigai), Cockle Clams (Torigai) and Northern Propeller Clams (Mirugai) annually.

St. Anthony, Newfoundland

St. Anthony, a small town on the northern reaches of Newfoundland and Labrador is known as the iceberg, whale and moose capital of the world. It also features one of the world’s major archaeological properties, the Norse village ‘L’Anse Aux Meadows’, which was briefly inhabited around 1000 AD. Surrounded by rugged terrain it is also home for the occasional polar bear, many fishermen and the plant workers who harvest and process Clearwater’s cold water shrimp.

Clearwater and Quin-Sea Fisheries enter into an agreement to form a new joint venture that will take over operations of the St. Anthony Seafoods shrimp processing plant in St. Anthony, Newfoundland and Labrador. The plant employs 150 processing and quality assurance staff who process in excess of 5.5 million pounds of cold water shrimp annually for customers around the world. The St. Anthony plant is BRCGS certified.

In 2015, Clearwater acquired Scotland-based Macduff Shellfish, Europe’s leading shellfish company. Macduff currently operates four processing facilities located throughout the United Kingdom.



Macduff first came to Mintlaw in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1996 and moved into its current processing facility in 2001. Mintlaw is both conveniently and favourably located between two of the largest fishing ports in Europe, Peterhead and Fraserburgh. With approximately 280 employees, Mintlaw focuses on receiving and processing four main species – whelk, scallop, langoustine and brown crab. There is a large 3,500 capacity cold store onsite and is the primary dispatch facility for all customer orders, both national and international.


Located on the Western Isles, the Isle of Lewis is home to Macduff’s smaller processing facility – Macduff Stornoway. With approximately 35 employees, Macduff Stornoway is principally involved in the receipt and processing of langoustine and scallops caught in the waters surrounding the island. This facility has a unique processing partnership with 13 langoustine vessels fishing out of the port of Stornoway. Premium shellfish is landed daily, securing maximum freshness and quality.


Located in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, Macduff Dumfries is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of fishing gear for our 13 scallop vessels.

Macduff’s fleet of vehicles used to transport raw and processed products are also controlled from this operational hub. This facility employs approximately 20 individuals.


Located in Devon, on the South West coast of England, Macduff’s Exeter facility is a cross docking hub for South Coast whelk logistics. Exeter also operates small live shellfish holding tanks and the vivier dispatch. With approximately 12 employees, Exeter is responsible for collecting and transporting locally sourced whelk to Macduff’s processing plant in Mintlaw.


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