Clearwater owns and operates 21 vessels, including one research vessel, harvesting wild-caught shellfish from the cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic and the temperate waters of the Argentine Continental Shelf. Clearwater vessels are certified and subject to the same inspections and quality/safety protocols as land-based operations. With 3D imagery helping vessels track where they’ve previously towed, we are able to continually harvest new areas to allow for re-growth of species thus preserving the ecosystems.

Clearwater owns and operates a global fleet of both traditional and state-of-the-art vessels, based out of Canada, Scotland and Argentina.

Clearwater Seafoods, Canada

Clearwater’s Lobster, Canadian Sea Scallop, Arctic Surf/Cockle/Northern Propeller Clam and Snow Crab fisheries are managed and monitored from Clearwater’s fleet office in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Macduff Shellfish, Scotland

Clearwater’s subsidiary Macduff Shellfish based in Scotland, operates a fleet of scallop harvesting vessels, as well as manages partnerships with local langoustine, crab and whelk vessels.

Glaciar Pesquera, Argentina

Clearwater and Glaciar Pesquera was founded in 1995 as a joint partnership and has grown to become a leading harvester of Patagonian Scallops from the Argentine Continental Shelf. Headquartered in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Glaciar Pesquera operates two state-of-the-art factory scallop harvesting vessels.

Clearwater Ocean Prawns, Canada

Clearwater and Ocean Prawns was founded in 1991 as a joint venture, harvesting Coldwater Shrimp and Turbot from the Canadian North Atlantic. In 2008, Clearwater Ocean Prawns further expanded this venture and now includes two state-of-the-art vessels capable of harvesting, processing and freezing-at-sea Canadian Coldwater Shrimp, locking in ocean fresh flavour and texture.

Offshore Lobster Fishing Fleet

E. Randall Scott | Captain, The Randell Dominaux

Randall’s career in the fishing industry began in 1978, as a Deckhand harvesting groundfish and swordfish. He achieved Fishing Masters Class III Certification and began serving as Captain in the same fishery. In 1996, he joined Clearwater serving various positions, including Deckhand, Engineer, Mate and Captain onboard the Atlantic Horizon fishing offshore crab and lobster. His career became focused largely on the offshore lobster fishery having served on a variety of Clearwater vessels, including the Kristina Polaris, Ryan Atlantic I, Ryan Atlantic II, the Hannah Atlantic and Atlantic Prospect. In 2008, he accepted the position of Mate and Relieving Captain onboard Clearwater’s newly purchased and converted offshore lobster fishing vessel, the Randell Dominaux. In 2011, Randall accepted a Captain’s position onboard the Randell Dominaux. He has also participated in company sponsored training in safety, new technology, management and leadership.

Ernest Matthews | Captain, The Randell Dominaux

Ernest (Ernie) Matthews has worked with Clearwater for over 20 years. Throughout his career with the company, Ernie obtained a Fishing Masters III Certificate of Competency and was appointed to 1st Mate of the Randell Dominaux. In January 2017, he accepted the position as Captain of the Randell Dominaux, responsible for operating the vessel and harvesting offshore lobster. He has actively participated in several research and development opportunities, including the successful implementation of onboard changes to the overall harvesting operation and handling of lobster to improve sustainability, efficiency and reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint on the fishery. Ernie has participated in many training programs, such as leadership and management, occupational health and safety, as well as computer applications associated with Clearwater’s sustainable harvesting programs.


Canadian Offshore Scallop Fishing Fleet

Richard Mosher | Captain, Atlantic Preserver

Richard began his career in the fishing industry and served as a Deckhand and Mate longlining onboard inshore fishing vessels. He was employed from 1989 to 2003 with Scotia Trawlers Equipment Ltd. as a Deckhand, 2nd Engineer and Mate on various offshore scallop fishing vessels, including the factory freezer vessel Cape Blomidon. In 1993, he earned Fishing Master Class III Certification, as well as a Fishing Master Class II Certification. In 2003, he was employed with Clearwater as Mate onboard an offshore scallop fishing vessel, followed by the appointment to Captain onboard one of Clearwater’s wetfish offshore scallop fishing vessels. 2005 marked Richard’s appointment as Captain onboard the Atlantic Guardian, followed by the Atlantic Preserver. Throughout his career, Richard has actively participated in various computer programs and company sponsored management, occupational health and safety, Lean Level 1 Certification and supervisory training. He is currently studying to obtain a Fishing Master I Certificate of Competency.

Danny Nowe | Captain, Atlantic Preserver

Danny began his career in the fishing industry in 1988 as a Deckhand in the groundfish industry. Through onboard training, studying and institutional training, Danny later obtained a Fishing Master III Certificate of Competency. Danny joined the Clearwater fleet team after serving 18 years as a Deckhand and Relieving Mate in the offshore scallop fishing industry with another operator. Since joining Clearwater, he has served as Mate on both offshore scallop vessels, the Atlantic Guardian and the Atlantic Preserver. In 2011, Danny accepted the position of Captain on the Atlantic Guardian and is currently serving in command of the Atlantic Preserver. Danny has actively participated in company sponsored training in safety, new technology, Lean Level 1 Certification, leadership and management and continues his studies and training to obtain a Fishing Master Class II Certificate of Competency.

Darren Wagner | Captain, Atlantic Protector

In 1989, Darren earned a Fishing Master Class III Certificate. He has held various positions, including Deckhand and Mate on several offshore scallop vessels. He was also the Captain of an inshore fishing vessel harvesting both clams and scallops. In 2003, he joined Clearwater as a Deckhand and Relieving Mate onboard the Canadian wetfish offshore scallop vessels. In 2004, he accepted the appointment to Mate on the factory freezer vessel the Atlantic Guardian and was promoted to a Captain’s position onboard the factory freezer vessel the Atlantic Protector in 2009. Darren has actively participated in training in various computer programs, leadership and management, occupational health and safety and Lean Level 1 Certification.

Robbie Knickle | Captain, Atlantic Protector

Robbie began his career with Clearwater Seafoods in 1996, as a Deckhand onboard the Barbara Louise II and Deckhand/Mate onboard the Cape Race. In April of 2000, he earned his Fishing Masters Class III Certification and continued serving as Mate, followed by Captain on various Clearwater vessels. Further opportunities developed for Robbie in 2002 within Clearwater’s frozen-at-sea scallop vessel fleet, onboard the Atlantic Guardian and Atlantic Leader. In 2006, he accepted a full-time Mate position onboard the Atlantic Protector and since then has filled in as Captain when required. Throughout his career, Robbie has participated in various company sponsored management and safety training, Including Lean Level 1 Certification, Incident Investigation Level 1 and Supervisory/Safety training.


Argentine Offshore Scallop Fishing Fleet

Cesar Camerucci | Captain, Atlantic Surf III

Born in Buenos Aires, Captain Cesar Gabriel Camerucci began his fishing career with the Argentina Coast Guard. In 1976, he moved into the Argentine scallop fishery and joined Clearwater in 2001 as the Atlantic Surf III transitioned from a Canadian vessel to an Argentine vessel.

Maximo Sanchez | Captain, Capesante

Maximo was born in Mar del Plata and began his fishing career in 1973 as an Ordinary Seaman. From 1982 to 2002, he studied at the National Fishing School and earned his Certificate of Competency as a Captain. In March 2002, he began working with the joint partnership operation in the Argentine scallop fishery with Clearwater and Glacier Pesquera onboard the Atlantic Surf I.




Offshore Clam Fishing Fleet

Frank Haire | Captain, Anne Risley

Frank began his fishing career in 1988 with Clearwater’s Concordia, holding various positions on deck and within the factory. He earned a Fishing Master Certification Class II during his 10 year career with this vessel. Clearwater later refitted the Concordia to become an offshore clam vessel, the Ocean Concord, with Frank continuing his career onboard and accepting a position as Mate. Within just one year, he was offered the position of Captain. Frank has since transferred from the Ocean Concord to the Arctic Endurance, the the Anne Risley and has actively worked on dredge design and construction throughout his career, in addition to new innovations, such as multi-beam technology and bottom imaging software. He continues to work with real-time data collected during the harvesting operation. Frank has a persistent approach and has participated in company sponsored training programs in safety, leadership and management. Frank has worked for over 30 years in the offshore clam industry.

Winston Pittman | Captain, Arctic Endurance

Winston began his career in the fishing industry with Clearwater in 1988. Beginning as a Deckhand in the offshore shrimp operation, he advanced to Factory Manager in the early 1990’s. In 2002, Winston earned a Fishing Master’s Certificate and accepted the position as Mate onboard Clearwater’s offshore shrimp vessel, the Ocean Prawns, followed by a Captain’s position with the Arctic Endurance in 2004. In 2007, the Arctic Endurance was converted from a shrimp factory vessel to a clam factory vessel and Winston accepted a Captain’s position onboard. In addition to successfully earning a Fishing Master Certification Class I, Winston has participated in company sponsored training in safety, new technology and leadership and management programs. He is an integral part of the clam operation team, working with multi-beam technology using software, such as QuinSea to display data in 3D, as well as mapping programs, such as Olex and Wassp to map and display new areas. Winston collaboratively manages the real time data from the clam vessel to plan the daily harvest and processing in conjunction with the onboard Factory Manager and Maintenance Manager. Winston has worked for over 30 years with Clearwater combined in both the clam and shrimp industry.

Terry Simms | Captain, Belle Carnell

Terry began his career with Clearwater in 1993 onboard the clam fishing vessel the Atlantic Vigour, working in a variety of positions. During this time, he continued training and upgrading his certifications, which led to earning Fishing Master Class II Certification. In addition to this certification, Terry participated in many company sponsored training opportunities in the areas of safety, production, as well as leadership and management. In 2009, he accepted the position of Captain onboard the offshore clam factory vessel, the Arctic Endurance and later commanded the Ocean Concord. In early 2015, Terry accepted the position as one of two Captains of the clam vessel, the Belle Carnell. In March 2017, Terry successfully achieved a Fishing Master I Certificate of Competency.

Jamie Adams | Captain, Belle Carnell

Jamie began his fishing career in 2000 with the Atlantic Vigour, a Clearwater-owned and operated vessel. After spending two years onboard this vessel, Jamie transferred to the Ocean Concord and held a variety of positions with increased responsibility, including Factory Worker, Lead Hand, Factory Supervisor and Second Mate. After Clearwater converted the Arctic Endurance into a clam harvester and processor, Jamie joined the vessel in 2008 as Second Mate, followed by a promotion to First Mate in 2011. In 2015, Jamie accepted the position and assumed command of the Ocean Concord as Captain. In 2017, Jamie accepted the role of Captain onboard clam vessel, the Belle Carnell. Throughout his lengthy fishing career in the clam industry, Jamie successfully attained a Fishing Master Class I Certificate of Competency. He also continues to participate in Clearwater training, including new technology, safety and leadership and management. Jamie is the youngest Captain in Clearwater’s fleet and has been with the company for over 20 years.

Richard Smith | Captain, Anne Risley

Richard Smith began his fishing career in 1978 in the groundfish industry, holding various positions, including Deckhand, Trawlerman and Winchman, to name a few. In 1989, Richard earned a Fishing Master Certification Class III and joined Clearwater’s fleet team onboard shrimp fishing vessel, the Atlantic Champion. In 1994, Richard returned to the inshore fishery for 15 years. In 2009, he rejoined Clearwater’s fleet team onboard the clam fishing vessel, the Arctic Endurance and was soon promoted to Chief Mate. Through continued education, Richard obtained a Fishing Master Certification Class II and in January 2019 assumed the role of Captain onboard Clearwater’s latest clam vessel, the Anne Risley. Richard has a direct approach and has actively participated in company sponsored training programs in safety, leadership and management. Collectively, Richard brings over 40  years of fishing industry experience to Clearwater.

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