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Clearwater owns and operates the Fundy Leader, a harvesting vessel dedicated to research.

Sustainable seafood harvesting is at the core of Clearwater’s business, understanding that the only way to continually bring high-quality seafood to the marketplace is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the resources. That’s why Clearwater is directly involved with the science and management processes critical to sustainable fishing. Investing heavily in science to ensure we are doing the right thing by the environment.

Over the past several years, Clearwater invested in developing scientific approaches to provide the necessary understanding of its targeted species and the habitats in which they reside in. Significant investments in the ongoing and continued analysis of our shellfish populations to understand their well being, including reproduction, growth and maturity within their specific habitats, assist us in developing the most optimal and environmentally efficient harvesting plans.

Clearwater’s efforts include developing and utilizing sophisticated geographic mapping tools on board its ships to display a wide range of information relating to ocean floor geology, habitat suitability, oceanographic variables, and the most current information related to the temporal and spatial distribution of its targeted species. These variables all influence the well being and health of the species harvested, while supporting the effort in developing the best approach and method to harvest them.

The Fundy Leader also serves as a fresh scallop harvesting vessel when required.

Vessel Fundy Leader
Length 30.5 m
Year Joined Clearwater Fleet 2015
Crew Size 14
Average Trip 10 days
Landing Port Lunenburg, NS
Captain’s Names Jamie Wagner
Interesting Facts Serves as a vessel for video surveys and DFO rake surveys to assess scallop bank conditions annually.
Originally built as a fish dragger and converted into a fresh scallop harvesting vessel.

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