Clearwater Product Authentication System

Verify the authenticity of your Clearwater Product


Please contact us to let us know where you purchased the product, so we can warn other customers about your purchase.


Look for the code on the inside of the box as shown above.

Clearwater takes pride in providing our customers with the highest possible quality products and service. We have greatly invested in the research and innovation of our product quality which has made Clearwater a global leader in sustainable wild seafood.

Regrettably, other suppliers have begun to mimic our product packaging in an attempt to pass off their products as our own. Although it’s possible to copy our packaging, it’s virtually impossible to copy our quality.

To reassure customers that they are purchasing authentic Clearwater products, we have developed a Product Verification system to allow users to verify their purchase as being 100% Clearwater product.

To learn more about the importance of this system and the differences between Clearwater products and counterfeit products, please see below. Although we’re confident you’ll be able to taste the difference, you may be interested to learn more about what goes into ensuring Clearwater quality and taste.

Step 1: Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code on your Clearwater packages to open the Clam Verification page.

Step 2: Enter Code

Type in the verification code on you Clearwater packaging. The verification code is an alphanumeric code that corresponds with our product which can be found on the inside of the box.

Step 3: Verify your purchase

Once you submit the code, our system will verify the authenticity of the product. If the system shows that the product is authentic, you can trust that the product meets the high-quality standards of all of Clearwater’s products.

If you have purchased Clearwater clams and the packaging does not resemble these packages it does not mean that the product you have purchased is not authentic. Please refer to ‘What are the differences between Clearwater clams and inauthentic clams.

Arctic Surf Clams







*No authenticity codes available on 100g, 150g and 200g bags.

Cockle Clams








Clearwater Arctic Surf Clams North Korean Clams
Harvesting Area Sustainably harvested from the cold, clear waters of the Canadian North Atlantic. Product is caught offshore, the specific fishing area is unknown and the product can not be traced.
Processing Within 60 minutes of harvesting, Arctic Surf Clams are blanched, shucked and individually quick frozen on board our vessels. After a few days onboard the ship, the product arrives dead at the land processing plant. The product is then shucked manually, and the internal organs are not removed or cleaned before being frozen.
Product Quality BRC, QMP, HACCP & MSC certification. No certification and no guarantee of quality.
Taste Fresh and sweet. Soft and tasteless.

  • Arctic surf clams are white with a bright red tip, the color is natural and pleasing to the eye, the internal organs have been cleaned up
  • North Korean clams have a yellow hue with a dark red tip, the internal organs are not cleaned up

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