Corporate Social Responsibility

At Clearwater, corporate social responsibility spans social, environmental and economic performance across the organization and we continue to work with others to focus on improving lives for people, creating healthy communities, protecting oceans and environment and the delivery of quality products and innovation.

At Clearwater, we credit our success to our extremely dedicated workforce, who work hard every day to produce some of the world’s finest seafood from ocean to plate. That’s why our corporate social responsibility work includes our commitment to people. We invest in creating a diverse and positive work culture by providing meaningful and purpose-driven work. Our employees know when they work for Clearwater, they are working for an organization that cares for the environment, their communities and that the work makes an impact on society. In the end, our investment in our people means that we can ensure the highest quality, service and safest seafood for our customers.

High-quality employment means providing our team around the globe with a safe, diverse, and ethical work environment. At Clearwater, we understand that healthy team members working safely and securely in an injury-free workplace is good business. We are proud to be a member of SEDEX, an international organization dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices.

Clearwater is committed to supporting our employees and their communities around the globe by investing in continuous education, mentorship and opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

Since 1976, our core mission is to build the world’s most extraordinary seafood company dedicated to sustainable seafood excellence, and that hasn’t changed. Sustainability continues to be at the heart of Clearwater’s corporate decisions, harvesting practices, seafood processing and the entire operation. We work transparently with our government partners and ensure regulations are met. We invest in business practices that protect the fishery for today and into the future. Clearwater vessels have strict policies on handling waste onboard our vessels, as well as recovering any materials, including ghost gear encountered at sea. We understand that ocean health and a sustainable fishery is the only way forward for Clearwater.

To ensure our customers get the highest quality, sustainable seafood, we invest in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies. We currently lead the industry in sustainable harvesting and processing. Our continuous investment has not only helped Clearwater reduce its environmental impact, but has also contributed to the production of our high quality products.

With close to 2,000 employees world-wide, we see it as our corporate responsibility to provide value in the communities we work and live in. By investing in our communities through job creation and the procurement of local goods and services, we work to drive economic growth in these communities. We also give back to our communities by donating to and sponsoring organizations whose work aligns with our social values. But above all else, we ensure that we are respecting the cultures and traditions of the communities we work in so that we can build trusted partnerships.

Clearwater employees are also citizens in their communities and we support and celebrate the many ways that they give back. Clearwater employees volunteer to answer telephones during the annual IWK Telethon for children and women’s health, pick up debris from our coastal shorelines in the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and take part in countless events to give back to our communities and raise funds for charitable organizations.

Here are a few of the charities Clearwater is proud to support:





The Clearwater Cares program was established to help make financial contributions in support of community organizations and charities, primarily those with a focus on children’s health and welfare.

With a broad commitment to being socially responsible and through our Clearwater Cares program, we support a wide range of causes and charitable organizations. Since Clearwater’s inception in 1976, our founders instilled the importance of helping others into us and to this day, we actively support events and causes in our communities, striving to achieve the greatest possible impact with our Clearwater Cares funds.

Considering the staggering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted to the needs of our communities and saw the importance of supporting front-line and essential workers in our communities.  We provided meal deliveries to various front-line workers, including the Halifax Regional Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, IWK NICU nurses, Victoria General Hospital, East Coast Forensic Hospital, paramedics, 911 dispatchers, Northwood, Superstore staff members, as well as our local fire fighters. We also donated directly to food banks, local shelters, and long-term care facilities in our communities through product and monetary donations, as well as volunteer hours.

Sometimes the smallest gestures can have the biggest impacts, humbling us each and every time we’re able to make a difference in someone’s life. By touching the lives of others, we’ve also inspired, encouraged, and empowered Clearwater employees all over the world to support the communities and causes nearest to their hearts.


Click here for more information about our Clearwater Cares Program, including donation request instructions.

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