Responsible Fishing

Not all seafood is created equal! There is a dramatic difference in the health of various fish stocks, strength of fisheries management systems and responsibility of individual operators.

Clearwater participates in fisheries operating under rights-based fishery management systems which promote responsibility and long-term investment in healthy oceans. As a leader in the seafood industry, Clearwater engages collaboratively with governments and other stakeholders to contribute to a strong science basis and sound policy regime for fisheries. We work to:

  • Secure the long-term productivity of fish stocks through investment in research and data collection that ensures the best available science and management approaches.
  • Invest in technology to ensure we’re using the most efficient and responsible harvesting methods.
  • Partner with governments and key stakeholders to find creative solutions to global challenges crucial to sustainability.

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) noted Canada’s leadership in fisheries management and the effectiveness of our practices. Clearwater is a key partner with the Canadian government, recognized for leadership and cooperation in research and policy development.

“(The Northwest Atlantic) fisheries are among the most regulated and managed in the world, and the catch recovery that has occurred recently may be viewed as an indication of the effectiveness of management measures”

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