Mission, Strategies & Values

Our mission

Together we are building the world’s most extraordinary, wild seafood company, dedicated to Sustainable Seafood Excellence.

Our six core business strategies

  1. Expand access to supply.
  2. Target profitable & growing markets, channels & customers.
  3. Innovate & position products to deliver superior customer satisfaction & value.
  4. Increase margins by improving price realization and cost management.
  5. Pursue and preserve the long term sustainability of resources on land and sea.
  6. Build organizational capability, capacity and engagement.

Our values

Together we will passionately pursue our mission with Character, Competence and Teamwork.

Character: Inspiring the trust of all stakeholders by taking responsibility, acting with integrity and leading with courage.
Competence: Building a learning, diverse and CAN-DO culture characterized by excellence in thought, execution and agility.
Teamwork: Working together to achieve extraordinary things at sea, in the workplace and the marketplace.

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