Intriguing qualities create exceptional presentations.

Northern Propeller Clams are deep harvested off Canada’s east coast, the only known location for this unique species - and Clearwater is the exclusive offshore harvester. Their distinct yellow-white and red-orange colors present a truly distinctive shellfish delicacy.

Northern Propeller Clams


100 percent natural, wild-caught, chemical and additive free.


Frozen-at-sea within an hour of catch to lock in unbeatable freshness, flavor and texture.

Ideal for presentation

Engaging color and moderate sweetness. Raw dishes (cold plates, sashimi and sushi) are best, as the clams can retain their appealing natural qualities.

Quality Assurance

Food safety and quality control are ensured through internationally recognized certifications.

Consistent, year-round supply

Availability you can count on from Canada’s exclusive offshore harvester.

Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams are harvested off Canada’s East Coast, the only known location for the species. They are blanched and block frozen on-board our vessels in less than an hour of harvesting.


Along with exceptional flavor and quality, wild seafood is also recognized as a healthy choice.

Per 100g Serving
Calories/Energy 73 kcal/303 kJ
Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 35mg
Sodium 630mg
Salt 1.6g
Potassium 110mg
Carbohydrate 4g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 13g



2 x 8kg run-of-catch block frozen

Learn more about our sustainable harvesting practices.

How do I store Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams?
Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams should be stored in your freezer until you are ready to defrost them for use.

What’s the best way to defrost Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams?
For best results, we recommend defrosting Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams overnight in your refrigerator. For quick defrost, place clams in a sealed bag and immerse in cold water for 30 minutes. Do not defrost in the microwave. Do not refreeze after thawing.

How do I prepare Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams?
1) Ensure clams are fully defrosted.
2) The most common way to open a propeller clam is to cut the middle of the thicker tip and open it into a “T” shape.
3) Once the clam is open, cut and remove the tip (small black dot) off of the siphon (tube like structure) of the clam.
4) Cut horizontally along one side of the siphon to allow it to unfold (butterfly cut).
5) Using the tip of the knife, gently scrape away any stomach or dark parts.
6) Check for sand that may be embedded into the clam meat. Since propeller clams are mainly a large siphon, sand can be trapped underneath the skin.
7) Wash clams in a mixture of lemon juice and water (one lemon and two cups of cold water for 10-20 seconds). This wash removes some of the strong flavour and brings out the natural crispness of the clam.
8) Cut the clam into two parts: siphon and body
a. The body is generally more tender and can be used for dishes that are not marinated.
b. Siphon parts of the clam are generally better cut into small strips and marinated.
9) Serve in cold applications (sushi, salads) or add at the end of a hot application to prevent over-cooking.

Do I need to cook Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams?
Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams are ready-to-serve and best used in cold applications, such as sushi or salads. They can also be used in hot dishes, such as pasta or soup, if they are added at the very end to prevent over-cooking. If over-cooked and exposed to excess heat, clam meat can become very chewy in texture.

What is blanching?
After Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams are harvested, they go through a quick blanching process, in which they are plunged into hot water for a short amount of time, removed and then plunged into ice water to halt the cooking process. This allows the meat to separate from the shell, giving the clam a very juicy texture with a slight crunch and fresh taste.

How long can I keep Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams in my freezer?
Please refer to the best before date on the packaging.

How long can I keep Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams once they have been defrosted?
After defrosting, Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams can be stored in your refrigerator for one day.

What color are northern propeller clams?
Clearwater Northern Propeller Clams bear a distinct yellow-white and red-orange color, presenting a truly unique shellfish delicacy usable in a variety of dishes, especially sushi.


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