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Clearwater is one of North America’s largest vertically-integrated seafood companies, recognized globally for its superior quality, food safety, diversity of species and reliable worldwide delivery of premium seafood. Today, Clearwater is proudly Indigenous, committed to creating a sustainable seafood future for generations to come. Find company and product information below.

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Canned Chopped Wild Clams

Chopped and ready-to-use in all your clam chowders and a wide variety of other menu applications including stews, sauces, stuffing and pasta toppings.

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Canned Chopped Wild Blend Clams Canned Clams – Recipe Booklet Chopped Wild Ocean Quahogs Canned Clams VS Chopped Frozen – Comparison Sheet

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Arctic Surf Clams (also known as Hokkigai and Bei Gei Bei)

Sustainably harvested from the deep, nutrient-rich waters of the North Atlantic our Arctic Surf Clams are exceptionally suited for sushi-style dishes and Asian cuisine.

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Bei Gei Bei Sell Sheet Discovering Hokkigai Booklet

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Cockle Clams

Harvested from the cold, clear waters of the North Atlantic, Clearwater Cockle Clams are a unique shellfish delicacy ideal for Asian cuisines.

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Cockle Clam Sell Sheet Cockle Clams Recipe Booklet

Sable Island Ocean Quahogs

Sourced from the Sable Island Bank in the Canadian North Atlantic, Ocean Quahogs are a distinct shellfish delicacy, perfectly suited for Asian culinary applications. As the exclusive provider of frozen-at-sea Ocean Quahogs, Clearwater captures and preserves the peak freshness of the ocean by fresh-freezing at sea within an hour harvest. This harvesting process gives Clearwater the unique ability to provide a quahog clam offering suitable for sushi and sashimi applications.

Sable Island Ocean Quahog – Sell Sheet 

Clams Conserva

Two premium conserva offerings featuring our finest wild-caught clams harvested from the cold, clear waters of the Canadian North Atlantic.

Conserva Sell Sheet – NA

Vongole Rosso Pasta Sauce Portions

Vongole Rosso Pasta Sauce Portions offer a gourmet dining experience with unparalleled convenience. Crafted for those seeking a chef-inspired taste without the hassle of extensive preparation, this product features a rich, clam-infused tomato sauce boasting a hearty serving of Clearwater’s wild-caught Northern Propeller Clams in each bite. Each sauce portion, designed as individual serving ‘pucks’, provides a quick and easy solution to sophisticated dining, requiring minimal effort—simply heat from frozen and mix with pasta.

Vongole Rosso Pasta Sauce Portions

Canadian Sea Scallops

Sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the Canadian North Atlantic our Sea Scallops are individually-quick-frozen (IQF) within an hour of harvesting for optimal freshness.

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Canadian Sea Scallops – Sell Sheet Sea Scallop Comparison Chart Sea Scallop Restaurant Menu Brochure
Retail Scallops Sell Sheet Scallop 101 Brochure – 2020 Sea Scallop Quick Reference Handout
Bacon Wrapped Scallops – Sell Sheet

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Patagonian (Argentine) Scallops

Smaller than sea scallops, Patagonian Scallops are ideal for salads, ceviche and many other applications. Sustainably harvested from the Argentine Continental Shelf they are individually-quick-frozen (IQF) within an hour of harvesting for optimal freshness.

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Patagonian Scallops Sell Sheet Patagonian Scallops – Info Sheet Patagonian Scallops – Recipe Card
Scallops & Sauce – Retail Patagonian Scallop Bacon Cakes Sell Sheet


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Whole Norway Lobster

Prized for its delicate flesh and sweet, succulent taste, Norway Lobsters originate from the cold, clear waters of Scotland. Whole Norway Lobster are slim, with orange-pink shells and bodies growing up to 10 inches in length. Available in a variety of formats including whole, hand peeled deveined tails, clusters and single tails.

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Whole Frozen Norway Lobster – Sell Sheet Whole Frozen Norway Lobster Asia Retail – Sell Sheet Langoustine Card


Norway Lobster Tail Meat

Now available in a frozen tail meat format, tails are machine-shelled and individually quick frozen (IQF) into easy-to-use tail meat.

Sales Materials

Norway Lobster Tail Meat – Sell Sheet Norway Lobster Tail Meat – Preparation and Applications Norway Lobster Tail – Comparison Chart
Norway Lobster Menu Solutions NL Tail Meat Recipe Book Norway Lobster Chippy-Style – Recipe Card
Angry Lobster Bites – Recipe Card


Hand Peeled Deveined Tails

These Norway Lobster tails are hand peeled, deveined and individually quick frozen (IQF) at our processing facilities on land.

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Snow Crab

Sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the Canadian North Atlantic, the sweet, succulent flavor of our snow crab make them ideal for appetizers, buffets and entrees.

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Snow Crab – Sell Sheet


Rock (Brown) Crab

Wild-caught from the cold, clear UK waters, Clearwater’s Rock Crab are sweet and full with delicate white meat.

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Rock Crab – Sell Sheet – USA Rock Crab Handling Card Rock Crab Claws – Sell Sheet Rock Crab Claw and NL Cluster Menu Inspiration

Video Links from the surrounding coasts of the United Kingdom, Whelk is often used as an alternative to the rare and expensive conch. Clearwater’s Whelk meat is pressure cooked and shucked from the shell prior to freezing, resulting in a firm and juicy texture. This process also makes Clearwater’s Whelk a convenient and ideal product to feature in ready-meal applications, including soups, chowders, gumbos and fritters.

Sales Materials

Whelk – Sell Sheet Whole Shell Whelk – Sell Sheet

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