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Clearwater is one of North America’s largest vertically-integrated seafood companies and the largest holder of shellfish licenses and quotas in Canada. We are recognized globally for superior quality, food safety, diversity of species and reliable worldwide delivery of premium wild, MSC-certified seafood.

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Canadian Sea Scallops

Sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the Canadian North Atlantic our Sea Scallops are individually-quick-frozen (IQF) within an hour of harvesting for optimal freshness.

Sales Materials

Canadian Sea Scallops – Sell Sheet Sea Scallop Comparison Chart Sea Scallop Restaurant Menu Brochure
Retail Scallops Sell Sheet Scallop 101 Brochure – 2020 Sea Scallop Quick Reference Handout

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Argentine (Patagonian) Scallops

Smaller than sea scallops, Patagonian Scallops are ideal for salads, ceviche and many other applications. Sustainably harvested from the Argentine Continental Shelf they are individually-quick-frozen (IQF) within an hour of harvesting for optimal freshness.

Sales Materials

Patagonian Scallops Sell Sheet Patagonian Scallops – Info Sheet Patagonian Scallops – Recipe Card

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King Scallops

Harvested around Scotland, they are a great favourite with professional chefs and keen home cooks, the king scallop has a sweet, delicate flavour and meaty texture. We prepare and supply king scallops as whole shell, half-shell and meat – fresh or frozen.

King Scallop Comparison Chart – English King Scallop Comparison Chart – French (1)


Arctic Surfclam (Hokkigai)

Sustainably harvested from the deep, nutrient-rich waters of the North Atlantic our Arctic Surfclam (Hokkigai) are exceptionally suited for sushi-style dishes and Asian cuisine.

Clams for Conservas

Harvested from the cold, clear waters of the Canadian North Atlantic, Clearwater offers a range of wild-caught clams ideal for conservas applications.


Wild Breaded Clam Strips

Clearwater’s Northern Propeller and Greenland Cockle Clams are wild-caught and sustainably harvested from the cold, pristine waters of the Canadian North Atlantic. A truly unique shellfish delicacy, Clearwater clams offer ocean fresh flavour and a tender texture, making them ideal for further processing into breaded clam strips.


HPP Lobster Meat

Harvested at their peak, using traditional pots and creels from the cool, pristine waters of Canada’s North Atlantic, Clearwater‘s wild caught lobsters deliver an exceptional fresh taste and meaty texture. Versatile and supplied in convenient chef-ready formats they are delicious poached, steamed or baked.


Live Lobster

Harvested from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic, Clearwater Premium Hardshell Fresh™ Canadian lobster yields up to 50% more meat than soft shell lobsters.


Frozen Snow Crab Clusters are 100% natural, wild-caught and sustainably-harvested from the pristine waters of the Canadian North Atlantic. Once landed at Clearwater’s facility in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, snow crab is processed into clusters including both legs and claws. Prized for its sweet flavour, snow white meat and delicate texture, Frozen Snow Crab Clusters are ideal as an appetizer, buffet item or entrée dish.



An under-used species, whelks are a sustainable exotic. They are often used in creative ways by chefs, and are popular in Mediterranean countries. They also feature in Korean and Japanese cuisines.

Available in whole-shell and meat options.



We pride ourselves on offering a range of langoustine product formats wild-caught from a well-managed fishery, which is part of a Project UK Fishery Improvement Project. Macduff’s Mintlaw operation is BRCGS-certified production facility, ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality, food-safe products.

With a wide variety of fresh chilled and frozen formats available, we’re proud to expand our premium langoustine portfolio offering with the addition of West Coast Hebridean Langoustines.


The purchase of Clearwater Seafoods by a coalition of Mi’kmaq communities, in partnership with Premium Brands, is a leading model of economic reconciliation in Canada’s fisheries. Clearwater is working with communities and individuals to identify and implement complementary commercial opportunities that provide additional long-term financial, employment and capacity building benefits.

In 2021, Clearwater proudly announced that we were 50% acquired by the newly formed Mi’kmaq Coalition, comprised of seven Mi’kmaq communities in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Today, Clearwater is proudly Indigenous-owned, committed to creating a sustainable seafood future for generations to come.

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