Lao Qi Northern Propeller Clams


1.   Place lemon in icy, cold water, set aside.
2.   Remove the tail of the Northern Propeller Clams and cut
into thick strips, place in the lemon water to marinate.
3.   Remove the Northern Propeller Clam strips, pat dry and mix
with half of the chicken powder and sesame oil.
4.   Mix shredded jelly fish with remaining chicken powder
and sesame oil.
5.   Mix Japanese style vinaigrette with chopped garlic, light
soy sauce, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce.


Put them onto plate as shown. Pour the vinaigrette mixture over all ingredients on plate and sprinkle with white sesame seeds and chopped peanuts, stir and serve.
Place in refrigerator if not consuming right away.

This dish is best served cold.


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