Northern Propeller Clams with Spicy Oil


  1. Place lemon in icy, cold water, set aside. Remove the tail of the Northern Propeller Clams and cut into thick strips, place in the lemon water to marinate.
  2. Add spicy seasoning sauce and sesame oil into seasoning soy sauce.
  3. Scald (3 seconds) black soy bean sprouts in water and place them on the bottom of the plate.
  4. Scald Northern Propeller Clam strips in 350C warm water (for 3 seconds), and then place them on the black soy bean sprouts.
  5. Pour the sauce over top.
  6. Cut green chili peppers into rings.
  7. Heat the oil.
  8. Add chopped garlic, fresh Sichuan pepper and green chili peppers into oil then place on top of the Northern Propeller Clams, sauce and black soy bean sprouts.


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