Pre-cooked Whelk is convenient and ideal.

Harvested from the surrounding coasts of the United Kingdom, Whelk is often used as an alternative to the rare and expensive conch.  Clearwater’s Whole Shell Whelk is pre-cooked, making it a convenient and ideal product to use in a ready-meal application, as a feature in a buffet, or as the hero ingredient in a seafood tower.

Whelk, Whole Shell

Year-round supply and availability

Year-round access to fresh, high quality Whelk.

Wild harvested from a well-managed and stable fishery

Wild-caught from the cold, clear waters surrounding the United Kingdom.

Fast and efficient worldwide distributions and delivery

Our reliable logistics team make sure every delivery is done right.

Whelk is ideal for all sustainable menus originating from a well managed and healthy fishery. Whelk is processed at Clearwater’s Mintlaw, Scotland facility, allowing for the product to be delivered quickly after landing, securing maximum freshness and quality.

Clearwater Whelk is sustainably harvested around the shores of the United Kingdom, predominantly with day boats fishing in Wales and Southern England.

Whole Shell Whelk is sold frozen in bulk format or 2.2lb bags.

GRADES in count/kg
1-10 10-20 20-40


Pre-cooked, ready-to-eat Clearwater Whole Shell Whelk is the perfect feature ingredient in buffets and seafood towers.

Whelk are harvested and processed in Scotland by Clearwater’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Macduff Shellfish. Macduff has been in the fishing industry for over 130 years.

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