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Arctic Surf Clams, also popularly known as Hokkigai in Japanese cuisine, are an excellent addition to any menu. Clearwater’s Hokkigai are sweet and delicious with brilliant red tongues adding visual appeal to any dish, especially sushi and sashimi dishes. Clearwater offers this unique delicacy in convenient formats for simple preparation, easy storage and cost effective menu solutions.

Features & Benefits 
• Highly cost effective
• Brilliant red coloring
• 100% natural
• Wild-caught
• IQF for easy portion control
• Pre-blanched and ready-to-serve

Harvesting & Processing

Wild-caught and sustainably harvested from the cold, clear waters of the Canadian North Atlantic, Clearwater Hokkigai deliver superior texture and taste with an exceptional oceanfresh flavor. Hokkigai are blanched and individually quick frozen (IQF) on-board our vessels within an hour of harvesting. Once at our processing plant, they are sorted, size graded and rigorously tested.

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In the Kitchen
From sushi to salads, Clearwater Hokkigai add variety and visual appeal to any menu. They are ready-to-serve and best used in cold applications. Hokkigai can also be featured in hot dishes, like ramen or hot pots, if added at the very end to prevent over-cooking.
Hokkigai require little preparation and are ready to be consumed once thawed. Simply thaw and serve.

Suggested Servings
• SUSHI – Drape prime or butterfly cut Hokkigai over sushi rice.
• SALAD – Add sliced Hokkigai to julienned vegetables or leafy greens with a light citrus dressing or put a twist on the Hawaiian classic, Poke with a Hokki Poke.
• SASHIMI – Place Hokkigai in water with lime slices for 5 minutes; drain water and serve on platter with a soy dip added at the last minute.

Atlantic Clam Chowder Roll Hokkigai & Lobster Buttered Popcorn Grain Salad with Hokkigai Shitake Roll in Rice Wrapper Hokkigai Topper Hokkigai Brulé
Hokkigai Brulé with Sweet Corn and Dried Corn Hokkigai Slaw Grilled Hokkigai Carpaccio White and Wild Rice with Yellow Hokkigai
Seaweed Salad with Hokkigai and Watermelon Hokkigai Brulé Hokkigai atop Sushi Rice Sweet Potato Purée Sesame Lime Drizzle Arctic Surf Clams with Mignonette of Potato Salad
Hokkigai Salad Arctic Surf Clam with Asian Slaw and Rhubarb Gelée Hokkigai Forbidden Fruit Roll Cocktail Ring of Arctic Surf Clams with Asian Drizzle

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