Lobster Florentine


1.    Bring Olive oil and garlic to a simmer and immediately
reduce heat to low 500C (not too hot to touch)
2.    Wash tomatoes and place in warm oil for at least 30
minutes, until tender
3.    In a pot of salted water quickly blanch spinach and cool
in ice water.  Remove excess moisture by gently
squeezing.  Reserve.
4.    Bring a large (15 litres) pot of salted water to a boil and
cook Lobsters for 9-10 minutes cool at once by plunging
briefly in ice water.
5.    Remove meat from the shells and reserve warm.
6.    In a heavy bottom pot, add ½ of the Olive oil and gently
cook shallots, fennel seeds and bay leaf until aromatic
but not colored.
7.    Add white wine and chicken stock and bring to a
8.    Pick 12 nice small basil leaves and reserve for frying.
9.    Add cream, spinach and any remaining basil leaves to
the chicken stock and immediately purée until smooth.
10.  Adjust seasoning of spinach purée with salt and
11.  Deep fry basil leaves until crispy in hot oil.


Divide spinach purée evenly between 4 plates.
Top purée with Lobster in an artistic fashion.
Garnish with 3 olive oil poached cherry tomatoes and 3 crispy basil leaves.
Serve with a side salad or seasonal vegetable.

Serves: 4

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