Patagonian Scallop Quesadilla


        1.    Combine and mix well all ingredients, except scallops.
        2.    Add scallops and mix gently.
        3.    Coat ½ of 10” tortilla with an even ½ inch layer of scallop
        4.    Fold tortilla in half and gently press two sides together. 
               Repeat process with second tortilla.
        5.    Spray sauté pan with vegetable spray and place both
               tortillas in pan, OR very lightly brush each side of folded
               tortilla with mayonnaise.
        6.    Cook on both sides until browned.  Remove from pan
               and cut each tortilla into 4-6 equal pieces.


        Arrange on plate and serve with your favorite fresh salsa.

        Appetizer, Entrée
        Serves: 4-6

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