Savoury Crepes with Arctic Surf Clams


1.    Mix flour and sugar in a bowl. Slowly whisk in milk, egg,
       vegetable oil, and butter.
2.    Heat pan over moderate heat, lightly brush with butter.
3.    Pour a spoonful of crepe batter into the center of the
       hot pan.
4.    Flip over after 20 seconds until both sides are lightly
       brown, repeat for the remainder of the crepe batter.
5.   In a bowl, mix olive oil with Arctic Surf Clams, add salt
      and pepper to taste.
6.    Arrange clams on each crepe, roll up the crepe and tie
       with a stem of blanched green onion around the middle.


Arrange the crepes on a serving plate, drizzle with Mayonnaise and serve.


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