Clearwater is proud to play our part in maintaining access to safe and healthy food for consumers locally, and around the world during these difficult times. As an important component of the food supply, seafood producers are classified as essential services and Clearwater continues to operate under new public health regulations and guidelines.

At Clearwater, we are working hard to adapt our operations to protect the health and safety of our employees and support food production. We are working as a team to innovate and adapt the way we work. Our employees are helping keep food on store shelves and people’s dinner tables, and to keep us all safe and healthy in the workplace. We have proactively adopted increasing health and safety measures in our offices, plants, and vessel operations utilizing the best information available from our public health authorities. And we will not stop.

We are facilitating remote work where possible. We have implemented additional health screening and new operational protocols to maintain social distancing in order to keep our employees safe while at work in our facilities and vessels. Every day we are making changes to keep in line with the best available public health advice in each of our global locations.

We are extremely proud of our Clearwater community and take this opportunity to thank our dedicated employees and their families for their resolve at this time of uncertainty and for their commitment to the company, their communities and each other.

In the weeks ahead, we know we will need to continuously monitor and reassess our health and safety environment, the regulatory context, and continued development of the COVID-19 situation. Foremost in our minds is our ability to continue to protect and support our employees. As the global situation continues to evolve we will stay vigilant, proactive, and committed to supplying safe and nutritious food to our customers and to all our employees that are making this possible.

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