Scallops & Sauce - Garlic Cream


Portion Control

Available in 6oz individual packs or customizable (based on volumes) for portion control.

One-step preparation

Simply toss them in a pan or microwave-safe dish, stir and serve.


Pair with a variety of vegetables, starches and other proteins.

Lower labor costs

Quicker prep times and simplified instructions for kitchen staff.


Same great quality and taste across units with an equal ratio of protein to sauce.

Protein alternative

A new option for health-conscious and variety-seeking customers.

Harvesting and Processing

Each scallop is individually coated in a signature sauce using the latest enrobing equipment. Our specialized process provides the perfect ratio of sauce to each scallop ensuring a delicious flavor combination.

Nutrition and Health Benefits

Along with exceptional flavor and quality, wild seafood is also recognized as a healthy choice.


Size Counts:

120/150 ct

Canada & United States – 6oz

Clearwater Kitchen

Visit the Clearwater Kitchen for recipes.


Scallops and Sauce- Garlic Cream

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