Lobster Tomato Consommé

Defrost Lobster Claw and Knuckle Meat pack in the refrigerator overnight or a minimum of 8 hours until there are no ice crystals on the exterior of the product.

In a steam-able container, place lobster meat, fennel, shallots, tomatoes, white wine, bay leaf and black peppercorn, cover and steam for 15 minutes or until lobster meat reaches an internal temperature of 73οC. Remove lobster meat and continue steaming the rest of the ingredients for another 50 minutes or until the tomatoes have released all its water. Strain through a sieve and gently press to extract as much liquid as possible. Season with salt to taste.

At the bottom of each cherry tomato, use a knife to make an “x” to allow the tomato to keep its shape throughout cooking. In a pan, heat up 2 tbsp of olive oil on medium high. Place tomatoes in with stem facing up and sear until bottoms have a slight golden brown colour.

To plate: Place steamed lobster pieces in centre of bowl. Place a few cherry tomatoes around the lobster meat, then pour ½ cup of tomato lobster broth into the bowl. Garnish with fennel fronds.

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