Update your menu with Scotland's easy-to-use and versatile Norway Lobster.

These Norway Lobster tails are hand peeled, deveined and individually quick frozen (IQF) at our processing facilities on land.

Hand Peeled Deveined Norway Lobster Tails

Prized for its delicate flesh and sweet, succulent taste, Norway Lobster originates from the cold, clear waters of Scotland. Rarely found on menus outside of the best restaurants in London, Paris or Barcelona, Norway Lobster offers a more complex and subtle taste than North Atlantic Lobster, with an elegant flavor.

Clearwater’s Norway Lobster is wild-caught from the cold, clear waters of Scotland, originating from a well-managed, healthy and year-round fishery. Boat trips range from 1 to 7 days in length. After arriving at port, Langoustines are unloaded and packed on refrigerated trucks for delivery to Macduff’s processing facilities in Mintlaw and Stornoway.


100 percent natural, wild-caught Norway Lobster.

Wild harvested from a well-managed fishery

Wild-caught from the cold, clear waters of Scotland. Efficient Processing

Efficient Processing

Catch is received and processed within minutes of landing for maximum quality and freshness


Perfect for high-end applications or more mainstream items alike.

Consistent, year-round supply

Availability you can count on year-round.

Fast and efficient worldwide distributions and delivery

Our reliable logistics team make sure every delivery is done right.

Quality Assurance

Food safety and quality control are ensured through internationally recognized certifications.

Clearwater’s Norway Lobster is wild-caught from the cold, clear waters of Scotland, coming from a well-managed and healthy fishery.

Norway Lobster is harvested off the East and West coasts of Scotland.

Along with exceptional flavor and quality, wild seafood is also recognized as a healthy choice.

Per 100g Serving
Calories/Energy 80 kcal
Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 120mg
Sodium 410mg
Salt 0.9g
Potassium 260mg
Carbohydrate 0g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 20g
Count per Pound Packed Case
Standard: 140+ Available brined and dry 4 x 5lb
Premium: 110-140 Available brined and dry 4 x 5lb

Hand Peeled Deveined Norway Lobster Tails are highly versatile. Excellent as an appetizer, they are delicious served scampi-style and are also the perfect garnish for finfish, scallops and other proteins, like grilled steak or chicken.

Suggested Servings

  • Roasted as a surf and turf protein topper for steak or salmon
  • Wrapped with crispy rice noodles in Vietnamese-style spring rolls
  • Served ‘lobster on lobster’ in a sauce poured over a North Atlantic lobster tail or medallion
  • Enjoyed as filling or a stuffing ingredient in lobster ravioli or lobster Rangoon

For a list of delicious recipes, click here.

Norway Lobster is harvested and processed in Scotland by Clearwater’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Macduff Shellfish. Macduff has been in the fishing industry for over 130 years.

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