Official Statement On First Nations Lobster Dispute

Clearwater denounces racism in all its forms.

We value our partnerships and relationships with First Nations. The partnerships we have established are leading examples of corporate and Indigenous collaborations in the fishery and give effect to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission call to Action 92.

We fundamentally recognize and respect the rights of First Nations and understand the impatience of First Nations communities, who 21 years after the Marshall Decision, continue to work toward implementation of their fishing rights with the federal government. We also understand the concerns of non-indigenous fish harvesters who have a long tradition of earning their livelihood from the sea and who are potentially impacted by changes in the way the First Nations Fishery is managed.

However, recent actions which endanger individuals and damage property are deplorable and cannot be tolerated. Neither Clearwater nor any of its employees are involved in these protests. We appeal for calm on all sides to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Clearwater fully supports and encourages the leadership of the Federal Government and the Minister of Fisheries in their efforts to find a fair and peaceful resolution. The Minister of Fisheries has invited Indigenous leadership and industry leadership to the table for discussion. We encourage everyone to engage in that dialogue and find a pathway forward through dialogue and mutual respect.

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