Chairman’s Message

Clearwater has been my job, my career and my passion for 37 years. I have proudly shared this passion with the many past and present employees of the company. From its humble beginnings in 1976, when I was packer, driver, foreman, sweeper and salesman, to the later years as CEO and Chairman; it has been my privilege to be part of our company’s history. Clearwater and its people have faced every new challenge with courage and determination and in every instance we have changed each of these challenges into opportunities to grow our company into a world leader in the global seafood industry.

Although we harvest the richest bounty of the oceans off Atlantic Canada and Argentina, these valued seafood resources pale in comparison to the quality of our people. We are reminded daily that our greatest resource is our people whether they are in Atlantic Canada, Argentina, Europe, China, Japan, other Asia, the U.S. or any of the other far flung corners of our Global Business. It is their hard work and determination that keeps Clearwater a global leader in the seafood business. 

Whether our people are at sea, in plants, offices or helping customers, their commitment to providing the finest quality seafood never wavers. Dedication to responsible harvesting, safe, quality controlled processing and timely delivery are behind everything we do –  maintaining the resource for generations to come, is at the heart. 

It is then carefully graded, packed and expertly shipped to maintain the same peak quality as the very moment when it was taken from the ocean. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers  an unsurpassed eating experience of high quality, sustainably caught, wild seafood products.

Over the past 37 years, I have had the good fortune to travel the globe representing our company. Despite the differences in culture, language and geography, I am continually struck by the similarities shared by the customers with whom we have forged relationships and are proud to call our ‘partners’. They have the same sense of responsibility and stewardship for the resource and the same overriding desire to deliver on the promise of the best seafood eating experience. Their people share the same sense of pride of purpose and the same dedication to the communities in which they operate. We proudly consider them a key part of our expanded Clearwater family.

Clearwater’s unique vertical integration from ‘ocean to plate’ and the entrepreneurial zeal for continuous improvement through technological advances and everyday improvements in our business, are more than just a testament to our success since 1976 – they are a guarantee we will continue to ‘raise the bar’ in serving our global customers just as we continue to be ‘Dedicated to Sustainable Seafood Excellence’.

Colin MacDonald
Clearwater Seafoods

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