Clearwater Seafoods Expands North American Product Lines

Wed, 15 Mar 2017

HALIFAX, March 15, 2017 /CNW/ – Clearwater Seafoods announced today the launch of its 100 per cent natural and wild-caught Arctic Surf Clams in two new convenient formats to the North American marketplace, as well as the addition of Rock Crab Claws and several new Norway Lobster product formats. Clearwater will showcase Frozen Arctic Surf Clam Sushi-Ready Slices, Chopped Wild Arctic Surf Canned Clams, Rock Crab Claws and Norway Lobster at Seafood Expo North America (SENA) taking place March 19-21 in Boston.

“We’re introducing several new wild-caught shellfish formats at SENA this year to meet growing demand from today’s marketplace,” said Rob O’Sullivan, Clearwater Seafoods, Vice President Sales, Americas. “These innovative products offer convenience and cost effective shellfish options for foodservice, processors and retailers across North America.”

NEW! Frozen Arctic Surf Clam Sushi-Ready Slices
Widely popular among Japanese foodservice operators and Asian retail, Clearwater’s MSC-certified Arctic Surf Clams are now available in pre-cut and portioned sushi-ready slices. Prized for their sweet taste, unique texture and vibrant red tongues, Frozen Arctic Surf Clam Sushi-Ready Slices are pre-blanched, making them ready-to-eat once thawed. This convenient and ready-to-use clam format adds variety and visual appeal to any sushi or sashimi dish. Simply place a sushi-ready slice on rice or serve on its own sashimi style for the ultimate in convenience.

NEW! Clearwater Chopped Wild Arctic Surf Canned Clams
Clearwater Wild Arctic Surf Canned Clams are packed in 100 per cent pure, premium clam juice, locking in incredible ocean freshness and delivering a sweet taste. Their unique coloring, combined with large pieces add visual appeal to any clam recipe or dish, especially soups and chowders. With Clearwater’s Arctic Surf Clams originating from an MSC-certified fishery, this canned clam product is available year-round with a consistent supply to processors and foodservice operators.

NEW! Rock Crab Claws
Clearwater’s Rock Crab Claws are sweet and full with delicate white meat, offering a true shellfish delicacy. Wild-caught from the cold, clear waters surrounding the United Kingdom, Rock Crab Claws are an ideal sustainable menu option, originating from a well-managed and healthy fishery. Available in a pre-cooked frozen format, Rock Crab Claws are best served cold or gently warmed by steaming or poaching in salted water for two minutes.

NEW! Norway Lobster
Prized for its delicate flesh and sweet, succulent taste, Norway Lobster originates from the cold, clear waters surrounding the United Kingdom. This Scottish delicacy is gaining popularity across restaurants throughout North America and is now available in a variety of different formats, including Shell-on Tails, Hand-peeled, Deveined Shell-off Tails and Tail Clusters. The culinary versatility and elegant flavor of Norway Lobster make it an excellent substitute for North Atlantic Lobster and Shrimp, especially in seafood pasta dishes, soups and chowders, and as a protein topper.

About Clearwater Arctic Surf Clams
Wild-caught from the cold, clear waters of the Canadian North Atlantic, Arctic Surf Clams (mactromeris polynyma) are sustainably harvested from the healthy Canadian fishery by Clearwater-owned and operated vessels. The Arctic Surf Clam fishery is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified, the world’s gold standard in third-party independent certifications for sustainable fisheries.

Arctic Surf Clams are blanched and individually-quick-frozen (IQF) onboard Clearwater’s vessels within an hour of harvesting. After arriving at Clearwater’s processing facility, clams are sorted, size graded and rigorously quality control tested before being packaged in a variety of formats. Clearwater is the primary global provider of Arctic Surf Clams.

To sample Clearwater’s Frozen Arctic Surf Clam Sushi-Ready Slices, Chopped Wild Arctic Surf Clams and Norway Lobster, please visit booth #2765 at SENA 2017.

About Clearwater
Clearwater is one of the world’s largest vertically integrated seafood companies and the largest holder of shellfish licenses and quotas in Canada. It is recognized globally for its superior quality, food safety, diversity of species and reliable worldwide delivery of premium wild seafood, including scallops, lobster, clams, coldwater shrimp, Norway lobster, crab, whelk and groundfish.

Since its founding in 1976, Clearwater has invested in science, people and technological innovation, as well as resource ownership and management to sustain and grow its seafood resource. This commitment has allowed it to remain a leader in the global seafood market and in sustainable seafood excellence.

SOURCE Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated

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