Chairman’s Message

For the past 43 years, our people have been the key ingredient in making Clearwater a success. This includes every person, along every leg of our vertically integrated  business – “from ocean to plate”. It is our peoples’ dedication, hard work and leadership that makes Clearwater an outstanding brand in the global seafood industry.

In 2019, we extended this relationship with our people, to 14 Indigenous Communities through the signing of the Landmark Agreement. This partnership provides protection for existing jobs in the clam fishery while also creating meaningful economic, employment and capacity building benefits for First Nations.

Clearwater is responsible for the introduction of many innovative advancements in the industry, including, ocean bottom mapping, dryland pound lobster storage, automated shucking and frozen-at-sea scallops, to name a few. Perhaps our crowning achievement over the past four decades is the creation of the Arctic surf clam fishery. It started with scientific delineation of the resource, development of sustainable harvesting techniques and converting the raw material into a product suitable for sushi and ultimately creating a global market for the product. Clearwater has been a true pioneer in the industry. Clearwater continues to be a leader in market development for many of our products.

Clearwater’s unwavering commitment to responsible and sustainable management of our seafood resources has been recognized globally and is a testament to Clearwater’s investment in science, technology and infrastructure.

Colin MacDonald
Clearwater Seafoods

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