Chairman’s Message

When John and I started Clearwater in August of 1976, it was in the old Navarro’s restaurant on the Bedford Highway, Halifax, Nova Scotia. We started with an image of a retail lobster shop, coupled with enormous dedication, perseverance and desperation…and, yes, an unbridled sense of optimism, dreams of endless possibilities and a whole lot of courage and luck. In those humble beginnings, John and I were the packer, driver, foreman, sweeper, salesman, plumber, accountant and electrician. Today we have a dedicated global team of men and women harvesting, processing, administering our books, maintaining our plants and vessels and selling to over 40 countries proudly under the Clearwater name and logo.

The entrepreneurial zeal that John and I and our people have for growth, diversity and continuous improvement has been at the forefront of Clearwater’s core mission to build the world’s most extraordinary wild seafood company, dedicated to sustainable seafood excellence. It is that zeal that energized us to not only develop new markets for lobsters in Europe and the US, as well as Japan and China, but also to pioneer new fisheries in the late ’80s and ’90s as we became the first company to develop Arctic surf clam frozen-at-sea factory vessels for the use of an exploratory clam license. In the mid ’80s, the year that the Canadian fishery was split between inshore and offshore, we were the first company to invest heavily in scallop licenses. Then, in 1995 we spearheaded the development and success of the Argentinean scallop resource – both at the harvest and market levels.

That energy and passion continues today as we now hold licenses in a multitude of diverse species globally and continue to develop technological improvements to reduce both waste and the impact of our global footprint on the resource and the environment by developing tools such as ocean bottom mapping, frozen-at-sea processing, Dryland Pound Lobster storage and automated shucking, plus many other innovations.

Most importantly, however, we are reminded daily that our greatest resource is our people. Although we harvest the richest bounty of the oceans off Atlantic Canada, Argentina and the UK, these valued seafood resources pale in comparison to the quality of our people. The success of Clearwater relates directly to its extremely dedicated workforce that has faced every new challenge with courage and determination and has allowed us to turn those challenges into opportunities and to grow our company into a world leader in the global seafood industry.

Colin MacDonald
Clearwater Seafoods

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