Jeff Turner

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Jeff Turner, Business Development Manager, Clams – 20 years

Since joining the Clearwater team in June 1997 as a Seafood Associate at the Halifax Airport Retail Store, I have held a variety of different roles. This front line position gave me the opportunity to learn about a variety of seafood products, laying the groundwork for my future career development with Clearwater.

After holding several positions in both the Halifax Airport and Bedford retail store locations, I accepted a position in Clearwater’s Head Office as Live Lobster Sales Customer Service Representative, followed by a move in 2012 to Inventory Coordinator/Live Lobster Account Manager – China. In 2014, I became the Business Development Manager for  Clearwater’s Argentine Scallop business.

Today, I’m the Business Development Manager for Clearwater’s Clam business, a position I accepted in January 2017 that continues to expose me to new experiences and learning opportunities about our vertically integrated business from ocean to plate.

Clearwater is a company that recognizes and rewards the hard work and dedication of its employees, provides training and educational opportunities. As a Nova Scotia-based Company, Clearwater continues to be dedicated to sustainability and to leave a better world for future generations.

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