Eric Branton

Eric Branton

Eric Branton, Biology QA Manager, Clearwater Head Office – Bedford, Nova ScotiaI began working with Clearwater in 2012 in the Biology Department as a Biology Quality Assurance Technician. Eight years later, I now help oversee this area as the Biology Quality Assurance Manager at Clearwater’s Head Office in Bedford, Nova Scotia.

Today, I work as part of a team of biologists who evaluate incoming lobster for health and robustness and sort inventory appropriately. This is performed on a daily basis by ensuring the condition of the holding system at Clearwater’s Bedford lobster facility is well maintained and that each incoming shipment of live product is inspected to meet quality and food safety requirements. Once I have an understanding of the incoming health of the lobster, I can decide which markets they are best suited for.

I’m also responsible for ensuring that both of Clearwater’s live and cooked lobster facilities are operating correctly and adhering to all government food safety programs. I frequently work with Clearwater customers as well, to ensure their lobster receiving facilities are top notch. I also have the opportunity to support the research and development of Clearwater’s core species through a variety of ongoing projects and initiatives.

Clearwater is constantly looking for new ways to improve upon its product offerings, food safety and quality. The company’s drive to progress as a leader in today’s seafood industry is one of the main reasons I enjoy working here. I’m proud to be a part of a team of individuals who are willing to help and support each other as Clearwater continues to grow.

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