Alfred Richard

Alfred Richard
Alfred Richard, Plant Manager, Arichat Processing Facility – Arichat, Nova Scotia

My career with Clearwater began in 1998 as a Floor Labourer within Clearwater’s Arichat processing facility in Arichat, Cape Breton. Over the past 20 plus years, I have held a variety of roles at this location, including Floor Supervisor, Night Shift Production Manager and Production Manager. In January of 2019, I became Plant Manager of Arichat, overseeing the day-to-day production and operation of the entire plant.

Arichat is home to Clearwater’s patented Dryland Storage facility, allowing us to hold and ship healthy, live lobster to customers in all corners of the globe, year-round. This storage system mimics the lobster’s natural environment and maintains their health and superior quality. As part of my role as Plant Manager, I am responsible for ensuring this integral system is operating properly at all times, in addition to overseeing incoming and outgoing shipments of live lobster, daily maintenance throughout the plant and handling all employee-related requests.

During my time with Clearwater, I have participated in a variety of leadership and communication training opportunities, which have been key to my career progression and overall success. I enjoy being a part of a team that promotes employee growth and progress, with senior staff available to provide guidance in the right direction. Clearwater has also been a part of my family history for many years, with both my father and brother being past employees. Today, I am happy to carry on this tradition within my family, and stay true to my homegrown roots in the community of Arichat.

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