Adam Morris

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Adam Morris, Business Development Manager, Lobster – 18 years

I joined the Clearwater team 18 years ago as a Bachelor of Commerce Co-operative Education Student with Dalhousie University. Upon completing this work-term in Clearwater’s accounting department, I accepted a full-time Accounting Clerk position post graduation. I have had the opportunity to grow my career and move throughout various departments and assume different roles, including Live Lobster Sales Account Manager, Live Lobster Sales Manager and now my current position as Business Development Manager for Lobster.

Today, I work as part of the management team to oversee and develop Clearwater’s live and frozen lobster business on a global scale, interacting with many departments, including sales, marketing, operations and finance.

Clearwater is a highly recognized company in Atlantic Canada that prides itself on delivering high quality seafood products and I am very proud to be part of this family. One of the biggest things that make Clearwater a great Company to work with is the people. Clearwater has provided me with many great opportunities and experiences and I look forward to many more.
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