Split Lobster

Split Lobster


Improved Profit:

Eliminates live lobster mortality/waste


"Live" lobster taste and texture


Prepares and presents the same as live without daily delivery or live tank storage


Across a broad spectrum of temperature and cook methods (boil, steam, bake)

Optimal Freshness:

Individually vacuum packed Year round availability

How will Nova Scotia Prime Lobster increase your profits?

  • Allows you to enhance your menu and profile while reducing costs
  • Attract more target customers with higher incomes
  • Increase checks, server tips and employee satisfaction

  • Harvesting and Processing

    Clearwater harvests lobsters from the world’s prime lobster fishing areas. These are the icy fresh, pristine waters of Canada’s North Atlantic. Lobsters are selected from specific regions within the many fishing zones to take advantage of peak seasons for naturally occurring, high quality lobsters. All lobsters are harvested exclusively from pre-selected, biologically tested waters yielding a healthier, pollution-free product. Clearwater knows the cleaner the environment, the better the lobster’s taste and the finer the quality of its meat.
    Commitment to quality continues from harvest to plate.
    Lobsters are biologically health monitored at landing, in storage and at shipping, ensuring superior product.

    Nutrition and Health Benefits

    Clearwater, your first choice for seafood is recognized for consistent quality, dedication to sustainable practices and well managed ocean-to-plate value and quality control chains.


    Pack Specifications (claw & knuckle meat in head cavity, legs attached)