Our Core Philosophy is based on sustainability and stewardship.

At Clearwater, we believe that sustainability is not just good business, it is our corporate and personal responsibility. 

Healthy oceans are fundamental to the success of our business. 

We know that understanding, protecting, and promoting the long term productivity of our fisheries resources translates into sustainable economic performance of our company, benefits the environment, provides social benefits for our employees and communities and ensures our children have the ocean’s bounty to pass to their children.

The assurance of stable access to resources through our rights based fisheries management system rewards responsibility and promotes reinvestment of economic returns back into the science and management systems that foster sustainability.  Clearwater believes that as a user of a natural renewable resource we have a responsibility to be stewards of that resource and make decisions based on the best available science and long term sustainability rather than short term market convenience.  We are mindful of the potential impact of our operations and we make significant investments in science and technology to ensure we understand and manage those impacts appropriately. We work both through our corporate initiatives and through collaborative projects with government agencies to advance solutions to challenges we face in the fishery.

We face many more environmental challenges in today’s world. These are far broader than fisheries sustainability and reach far beyond our small place on the planet. We must all do our part at both home and at work to be mindful of our impact on the environment. At Clearwater, we are working hard to constantly review our supply chain and put in place initiatives to address our impacts on our environment. We have always strived to be a leader in the fishing industry and continuously improve our operations. In today’s world of environmental uncertainty, we have redoubled our efforts to be leaders in sustainable and responsible fishing practices as well as in all our interactions with our environment. We are dedicated to providing our customers with safe, healthy, sustainable seafood products that we are proud to serve to our own families and you can be proud to serve yours.

Colin MacDonald
Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership