Bacon Wrapped Scallops


Quick and convenient

Pre-wrapped and ready-to-cook, simply remove from freezer and place in oven or on grill.

Thin sliced bacon

Cooks faster without jeopardizing the integrity of the scallop.

MSC Certified

Sustainably harvested and certified by the Marine Stewardship Council.


Pre-inserted toothpicks for immediate serving.


Excellent for appetizers, hors d’oeuvres or as an entrée accompaniment.

Lower labor costs

Quicker prep times and simplified instructions for kitchen staff.


Portion controlled, same great quality and taste across units.

Harvesting and Processing

Our fresh frozen Canadian Sea Scallops are individually wrapped with bacon by hand at our BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified processing plant.

Nutrition and Health Benefits

Along with exceptional flavor and quality, wild seafood is also recognized as a healthy choice.


Size Count:

30/40 ct

Canada & United States – 25ct Tray

Clearwater Kitchen

Visit the Clearwater Kitchen for recipes.


Bacon Wrapped Scallops

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