Logistics Support

As a company that is vertically integrated, Clearwater’s Logistics team is responsible for managing the movement of our products through our value chain - from the time our vessels dock, to delivery across the globe and often to our customers’ door.

Our logistics team is plugged into the necessary critical control points to ensure a customs compliant and quality product is delivered to (and many cases beyond) your door - each and every time.

One Stop Shop
Freight forwarding services including insurance and other related services provide a ‘OnLogistics Teame stop shop’ for our customers who wish to take advantage of our full logistics team services.

Global Partnerships
Our internal team’s ‘value add’ to our customers is the benefit of their experience, contracts and well managed global relationships.

Strict selection criteria have been used to ensure we select ‘1st of class’ international service providers – agents, carriers and cold storage facilities. These strong relationships ensure we have preferred status and careful internal monitoring by our team ensuring your product arrives with the same quality integrity it had when it left the ocean bottom.

Our team specializes in live and frozen product - the 2 most difficult extremes and challenges in freight forwarding.
As with our other services many of our customers have come to rely on the efficient and cost effective logistical services. Deconsolidation of shipments means one customs clearance, one health clearance, one less headache for you and...
one more satisfied customer for us.

A team of professionals.
Our logistics team includes a number of professionals with recognized designations through CITT and IATA (Canadian Institute of Traffic & Transportation and International Air Transport Association). Ongoing training ensures up to date information and customs compliant shipments.

Smooth Movement of goods uninterrupted by regulatory issues.
Globalization is creating a world where the rules and regulations are rapidly changing.
-expanding free trade and countries trying to eradicate the import of IUU (Illegal, Unregulated & unreported) catch across their borders mean ever-changing regulations with regard to document and compliance. It is increasingly important product arrive not just in pristine condition but customs and regulation compliant.

C-TPAT and PIP Certified 
Our certifications ensure preferred status resulting in expedited border crossings.

Global De-consolidation Services
Our global business allows us to ship large shipments to virtually anywhere in the world - then efficiently transport smaller orders efficiently within key markets.

To better serve our customers Clearwater has a number of cold storage facilities across the globe including the United Kingdom, France, China, and several across Canada and the USA.

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