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Meet our Captains

We are proud to introduce you to a few of our Captains. Clearwater Captains embrace and lead our crew and team in the execution of ‘Best Practices’ on the water. Our Captains are an integral part of the Clearwater team - understanding the importance of what happens on the ocean is critical to the sustainability of the resource and essential for the premium quality of our final product. The entire Clearwater crew is dedicated to continual training, innovating and collaborating to ensure the Clearwater product is unbeatable in the marketplace and a proud career in harvesting is available for future generations!

Captain Winston Pittman - Arctic Endurance

Captain PittmanCaptain Pittman joined Clearwater’s Shrimp Division in 1988 as a processor on the Atlantic Champion and later became Captain on the Arctic Endurance in 2004. In 2008 the Endurance was converted to a Clam Factory Vessel and remains under the command of Capt Pittman.

Winston has been moving forward in the clam industry using innovations such as mulitbeam technology to display data in 3D and to map and display new fishing areas. He is currently working with systems that receive and save real time data from the clam dredges to assist with the harvest and processing plans along with the Onboard Plant Manager & Maintance Manager for the State of the Art harvest platform they operate along with a crew of 37. Capt Pittman can most often be found in the summer with his family either swimming or catching mackerel in the Bays in and around Lunenburg County.

Captain Cesar Camerucci – Atlantic Surf 3
Captain Cesar Camerucci

Captain Cesar Gabriel Camerucci was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he originally worked with the Prefectura, Argentina’s Coast Guard.

Cesar’s professional career started in 1976 in the Argentine Fishery and he later became a valuable member of the Clearwater team in 2001 when the Atlantic Surf 3 changed from a Canadian vessel to an Argentine vessel. Over his 35-year career Cesar has witnessed many changes in the fishery and developments, largely regarding technology, sustainability and electronics.

Overall, fishing has been made easier due to navigational aids and plotting systems resulting in less wastage and environmental impact because the gear is more efficient and less time is spent in search of fishing areas.
Cesar resides in Mar del Plata with his wife and enjoys building remote control boats, planes and cars as well as Offshore Sport Fishing.

Captain Fred Davis - Atlantic Prospect & Randell Dominaux

Captain Fred DavisBorn in 1954 in picturesque Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Captain Davis
began his fishing career in 1975 at the age of 21 as a deckhand on a fishing trawler out of the port of Riverport, Nova Scotia.

Fred later attended the Pictou School of Fisheries, acquiring his Fishing Mates diploma and in 1980 joined Pierce Fisheries in Lockeport, Nova Scotia.

Later in 1984 Fred accepted a position on the offshore lobster vessel, Kirstine Polaris, owned by Continental Seafoods of Shelburne, Nova Scotia and in 1986 gained Class 3 Fishing Masters.

Starting in 2008 Fred began his career with Clearwater  as  Captain of the Hannah Atlantic, Ryan Atlantic and Atlantic Prospect. Since May 2009 in captain positions alternating between the Atlantic Prospect and the newest Clearwater off shore lobster vessel- the Randell Dominaux.

Captain Richard Mosher - Atlantic Guardian

Captain Mosher was born and raised in Second Peninsula, Lunenburg County. Richard grew up around the water and fishing has been in his blood since a very young age. His background before joining the offshore scallop industry in 1989 varied between inshore longlining, scalloping and ground fishing.Captain Richard Mosher

Prior to his career with Clearwater, Richard was deck hand onboard a dragger that was run down in dense fog and sank on Georges Bank . That experience helped make safety one of Captain Mosher’s main focuses – as evidenced by the safety record he has held for the past 2 years with Clearwater Fleet.

Richard joined Clearwater Seafoods in 2003 when the company purchased Scotia Trawlers. In the spring of 2005 Clearwater added the FAS vessels Atlantic Preserver and Atlantic Protector to their scallop fleet. From spring of 2005 until the fall of 2009 Richard served as co-captain on the Atlantic Preserver and at the start of 2010 he assumed command of the Atlantic Guardian as co-captain.

In their spare time the Mosher family can be found on the waters of Mahone Bay mackerel fishing or just relaxing.