Poached Lobster en Geleé | Tarragon Foam

Poached Lobster en Gelee


4 x 1.25 lbs  Clearwater Live Lobsters
2 cups   Dry white wine
2 cups   Water or light chicken stock
½ cup    Salt free butter
1/2 cup  Heavy cream, 35%
2 Tbsp  Shallots, finely minced
10  Fennel seeds
1  Bay leaf
1/2  Carrot, peeled and cut in brunoise
1  Celery, peeled and cut in brunoise
pinch  Cracked black pepper
1 Tbsp  Agar
1 Tbsp  Dry sherry
1 tsp  Chives, thinly cut
2 TBSP  Tarragon


1.    Bring a large (15 litres) pot of salted water to a boil and
       cook Lobsters for 4 minutes, cool at once by plunging
       briefly in ice water.
2.    Remove meat from the shells carefully and reserve. 
       Keep shells for another use.
3.    In a heavy bottom sauce pan over low to medium heat,
       add 2 Tbsp (60 g) of butter and gently cook shallots,
       fennel seeds and bay leaf until aromatic but not colored
4.    Add in white wine and water and bring to a simmer and
       simmer for 2 minutes to infuse all flavors.
5.    Gently poach Lobster meat until cooked through,
       approximately 3 minutes.
6.    Remove Lobster and keep warm.
7.    Remove 2/3 of the liquid, add sherry and cool.
8.    Mix cool poaching liquid with Agar and bring back to a
9.    Sprinkle brunoise celery, carrots and chives into bowl. 
       Divide warm agar mixture over each and reserve warm.
10.   Add cream and tarragon to sauce pan with remaining
        poaching liquid and bring to a boil and simmer until
        slightly reduced.
11.   Add butter and emulsify well with an immersion
        blender until aerated.


Agar should set fairly quickly.
Artistically arrange lobster meat over the center of the gelatin presentation. 
Spoon tarragon foam around lobster and serve with a side of asparagus or other seasonal vegetable.

Serves: 4