Clearwater Propeller Clam Sashimi Platter

Propeller Clam Sashimi Platter


4 pcs Clearwater Arctic Propeller Clams, thawed
3 pcs Clearwater Arctic Surf Clams, thawed
3 pcs Clearwater Sea Scallops, thawed
½ pc Lemon
1 cup Water, cold
4 pcs Sashimi leaves
¾ cup Shredded daikon
1 Tbsp Wasabi
¼ cup Sashimi soy sauce


  1. Place lemon in icy, cold water, set aside.
  2. Remove the tail of the Arctic Propeller Clams and score straight lines in the skin side and place in the lemon water to marinate. 
  3. Handle the Sea Scallops and Arctic Surf Clams in the same way.  


Place all seafood on a platter and garnish with sashimi leaves and shredded daikon.  Serve with green wasabi and sashimi soy sauce.

Serves: 4-6 people